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oil paint


This drawing i made begin 20s. It is my hometown. Some things are fantasy. The baby is me. It is my dream. The town in the background is Katwijk aan Zee. You see the statue That is exactly on the place where the bar is build where this painting hangs. The dragon stairs in the eyes of the statue saysing. We don't fear the evil that brings us. There is a little house on the beach. Those stand everywhere in Katwijk. The stairs are reall too and the building on top. Exept for the budha. That stands for peace. The symbol on the building is from my hometown as well. In the distance you see earth. Making this a other planet. Our town is famous for fishing, that is why the boat.

The happy couple. Thinking about each other. The cloud makes up a cloud in the sky. With behind the puzzle pieces there star symbols.