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Menu builder tutorial

-------------- WEBSITE START MENU BUILDER-------------

Here you can find the demo page: DEMO

You can download the menu Builder here: DOWNLOAD PAGE

Ok. Unpack the zip. First you upload the menu_builder.v folder to your root from your website. Where your index.php is.

Then you open the browser and go to your website. Open up up your_domain/menu_builder.v/install.php in the browser.

If you wanna change the name of the folder change the name. Go to config.php. Change the CONSTANT of the folder in config.php. Then go to the index.php. Change the top include file.

Check out index php. And scroll to the bottom. There you find the output of html and the class instance starting the class.

Don' t forget your language file Don' t make the rules too long.

Go to builder.php And build your page for it. This is just a demo. Make it pretty my friend.