Do you want us to take you up in our statistics - or to close.

website analytic counter

You can find the download of the analytic counter on the homepage.

First you upload the contents of the zip to your root folder of your website. After that you open the browser and go to /armagic/install/. There you enter your mysql login credentials and your database name.

After that there is asked to create the database and if everything goes right there is asked to make a administrator. Then you can login on /index.php.

After that you go to your php site and these lines of code on top of the output of any page you want the counter

$browser = new BrowserDetection();
$browser->detect()->ar_start("your page name or page $variable");

- tested on php7, html5 and css3.

- back ups build in

- cache build in

your done!

Instalation text inluded in the folder: installataion.txt


this is the first page( global staistics ), you can shuffle the pages with your mouse or your hand.

Detailed stats shows everything. You can click the items to see what pages are pages clicked.

Time statisics shows you the last 24 hours and the last week.

In options you can do some tweaking. Have a look. It is under the menu.

You can aslo add users, you can find the users panel in the menu.


As last you can save your old data to pdf. You can find the back-up button under options.

This is the pdf that gets spit out.